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comickal: ups and downs

YES! There's going to be a sequel to "Loaded Bible"! This very month, allegedly! Woo-hoo!

Comic Book Resources - CBR News: Nobody F***s With the Jesus: Norton Talks “Loaded Bible 2: The Blood of Christ:

The clone of a Jewish carpenter must forge his own destiny or the last pockets of humanity will be overrun by hordes of bloodthirsty undead. This is the premise behind the Image Comics one-shot "Loaded Bible 2: The Blood of Christ." Created by writer Tim Seeley and artists Mike Norton and Mark Englert, the book returns readers to a post-apocalyptic world where a battle-savvy Jesus Christ is mankind's last hope against marauding vampires. CBR News spoke about the book with writer Tim Seeley last September, and now we're pleased to talk to artist Mike Norton about bringing the project to life....

And, to nobody's surprise, Manhunter bows out in April, this time likely for good. Seriously, the chances that another four-five issues, all tied into Crisis Crisis Redux, would pull in new readers under these conditions was just about nil. If they'd really wanted new readers, DC would have rushed trades into print; instead, they forced people to try to find older issues to see what all the fuss was about. If most retailers were like Chicago Comics, they just plain didn't have a lot of back issues, never mind continuous runs. I mostly liked what I've seen in the two trades (although volume 2's link to the OMAC Project was seriously annoying), but there was just no way to keep up easily.

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